2 Best Rolls Royce Cars Specs


Rolls royce cars are one of the best luxurious cars in the world.The Rolls Royce brand has produced some key models like phantom,ghost and recently it has launched wraith model.There are 2 Best Rolls Royce Cars that I like too much.These rolls royce best cars are rolls royce wraith and rolls royce ghost.


I really like these two cars because of their specifications and features, and eventually rolls royce wraith is awesome due to its interior and high engine power.

There is always head to head competition among luxury car brands like rolls royce, ferrari, lamborghini, porsche and much more but its amazing when same brand models are up against each other and its difficult to find out which one is best.This thing suits to luxurious rolls royce cars.Rolls royce wraith and rolls royce ghost are the 2 best rolls cars of brand.As a younger, I really feel that my dream car is rolls royce whatever its model is because of cheapest rolls royce car price is about 3.8 crores INR.I don’t have that kind of money to think about buying this luxury car.But the people who can afford rolls royce, I can guide them which model of rolls royce car is best to purchase.

I am not going to explain any kind of comparison between rolls royce wraith and rolls royce ghost but simply I will elaborate what features and specifications of both these models make them best.Lets find out the full details of these rolls royce cars.

Luxurious interior with classy performance :-

Latest rolls royce wraith is the most elegant rolls royce ever.The most ultimate feature of wraith is that it has Satellite Aided Transmission technology (SAT) which is used to predict the driver’s next move.The SAT technology uses GPS data and it selects automatically the appropriate gear for the way coming next.This shifting of gears automatically reduces the unnecessary gear change.


The luxurious interior of wraith is defined by the coach doors, tactile Phantom grade leather is used to give contemporary interior look in the materials.This rolls royce wraith is having a traditional look.The elegant orange needle tips give a classy look to speedometer.Expensive Canadel Panelling and power reserve gauge represents that wraith will be the more attractive than any other Rolls-Royce.Big numbers of tiny fiber optic lamps are introduced to the roof lining.

Rolls Royce Ghost is the most attractive model of company till wraith was launched.The cabin of ghost is opulent and palatial which is packed to the brim with soft fiber leather.The seats are made so comfortable that you can enjoy the massaging experience along with the 16 speaker premium audio system.Four zone air conditioner system helps to maintain the inside temperature of car.The speedometer is made of some classy red orange color in latest updation of rolls royce ghost features.


The interior of 2 best Rolls-Royce-Cars can take you in the heaven where you will feel just awesome.Rolls royce brand manufactures its models like its going to be the last model of brand to be produced, hence interior of cars are designed as lovely as they can do with available best resources.

Key specifications of rolls royce best cars :-

The most powerful rolls royce ever rolls royce wraith released in Geneva motor show 2013.I love to drive the car at a high speed and as I accelerate it, its sound gives me a special kind of feel that I am driving a sporty car.So, rolls royce company engineers came to know about this and manufacture first sporty rolls royce car for drivers like me who loves to drive car so fast.


Eventually they called me and ask hey Aman, why you are not buying rolls royce.I said its not a sporty car.Hence they produce rolls royce wraith.Just joking friends,its fiction.

Powerful engine of wraith makes it fastest rolls royce car.It can travel 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds of time.Rolls royce engine is constructed well enough to be the fuel efficient engine.While this car travels 100 kilometers it consumes 21.2 liter fuel in urban areas.

8 speed automatic gearbox generate power to rear wheels of rolls royce ghost sedan.This is one of the best choice of rolls royce buyers to purchase it.I also like to get it because of my family members number.Its perfect luxury sedan to have in my dream home.One of the best rolls royce cars ghost is capable of travelling 0-60 mph in 4.7 second of time.

The most ultimate thing I like in ghost model is that its air suspension system which detects small small activities happening in car.If a person shrinks a bit from his seat it compensate according it.Dampers are also made so attractive to give stylish look.Rolls royce ghost has got so much comfort for the passengers and driver.All the leather and wood work is dedicated to GoodWood.

Air bags are used as safety purpose in both the 2 best rolls royce cars wraith and ghost.Both models are best at their respectives.But eventually if you want a sporty luxury car, you should go for rolls royce wraith.Ghost is also having same kind of features of wraith but not a fuel efficient car.Yes its bigger than wraith, hence if your family is big then you have to go for ghost.So both are best rolls royce cars.


Here I have mentioned my view regarding 2 best rolls royce cars.If I have missed something you can share with me.



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