Apple iPhone 5 News,Specifications,Launch Date and Price


The latest version of  iPhone,apple iPhone 5 is launched in San Francisco.This was  expected that apple would announce about this iPhone in the event that is happening in San Francisco.This iPhone has many advanced  features of all time apple ever.We have got some vital features regarding the iphone smartphone.

Apple iPhone 5 News:-

Apple announced its most awaited iPhone on wednesday.The phone looks similar to the previous models but this iPhone has got the lighter weight and larger screen.The phone is more slim than the iPhone 4s.The apple brand adds that the larger screen is made because it gives more easiness to the user for send e-mails and to watch web pages.This is the apple’s sixth iPhone and it is named as iPhone 5.This is the 1st apple iPhone smartphone that is using 4G LTE network connection that allows 10 times speed than the 3G network.



iPhone 5 reviews:-

Apple said that the speed of  iPhone 5  processor is two times than the previous versions of  iPhone.New feature in the phone i.e “lightning”.Apple reduced 30 pin connector to eight pin connector and company also sells adapters  so that people can still use older chargers.The iPhone’s new software updated iOS 6,will be available for downloading to other older iPhones on 19 September.

iPhone 5 Price:-

The apple iPhone will be available in market for sale on 21 September.Starting price of this iPhone is 199$ for 16 GB,299$ for 32 GB and 399$ for 64 GB versions respectively with a contract of two years.Company will start to take iPhone 5 pre-order from 14 September.As the iPhone 5 declared analysts predict that this iphone will get record brake sale in market.

iPhone 5 specifications:-

The iPhone 5 comes with a new processor named Apple A6.One of the Korean film already explained about this processor.It is used to connect mobile carriers with a 4G LTE connection that can be used for faster internet browsing.The apple iPhone 5 is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S with a touch screen of 4.0 inch.The iPhone 5 is made of glass and aluminium.The phone is declared in the press conference in California.

iPhone 5 camera:- 

The smartphone iPhone 5 camera has better ability to capture low-light photos and new feature of phone allows the panoramic shots. One more feature of the iPhone that can make this phone more popular than the other androids and smartphones,that is the user can take snaps while he is recording a video.

It is predicted that apple will sell 45 million units of iPhone 5 in the starting of three months.Recent Apple iphone 5 news states that its new generation 5s phone is launching in 2013 year later on.Apple iphone 5 has produced sales on large scale for the brand.Hence in the last quarter of 2012 year,brand has managed to get 2nd position in indian smartphone market



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