Apple iPhone 6 Features Makes it Best Over Galaxy S4 & Lumia 928



Several butterflies are flying in the stomachs of gadget world people about next generation apple iphone 6 or iphone 5S. Still there is controversy around the world about the releasing of new apple iphone whether it will be iphone 5s or iphone 6. Lots of rumor stuff about the iphone 6 features, specs, release date, price is available online.

Brand has kept secret and ball in his bag which iphone will be released and when. Analysts are looking busy too much to find some undefined questions for next generation apple iphone, some of them are :-

  1. When will iphone 6 release?
  2. What specifications and features apple iphone 6 will have?
  3. What will be the price of next generation iphone 6?
  4. Will apple release a cheap iphone?
  5. What kind of design new iphone 6 will carry?
  6. Will iphone 6 beat samsung galaxy s4 and nokia lumia 928?


These are some key questions that are moving in the minds of apple iphone’s lovers and fans. Apple hasn’t announced any official details about the iphone 6 but lots speculations are spread over the internet after the iphone 5 released last year. Hence we are trying to provide some sort of competition among the existing galaxy s4 and Nokia Lumia 928 with the rumor specs and features of iphone 6 available on internet.



We have got some compatibilities and relevancy among three major mobile smartphones i.e Apple iphone 6, Samsung galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 928. Here you will find that Apple iphone 6 features are more advanced and better than galaxy s4 and Lumia 928. Lets quickly get the answers of above mentioned questions with a comparison among galaxy S4, nokia lumia 928 and iphone 6.

Design :

Samsung galaxy S4 has got almost the same look as previous generation samsung galaxy S3 smartphone has. Customers are not getting attraction towards the galaxy s4 in terms of design prospective. Same kind of scenario was there when iphone 5 released last year, it looks like iphone 4S. Hence it didn’t get so much popularity as previous generation iphones had. Iphone 5’s slimness attract people towards iphone 5.
Apple must be looking forward to manufacture iphone 6 design different from iphone 5. Designing is an important parameter while a person go to buy a new mobile, especially an expensive smartphone. Nokia Lumia 928 has released just before few days ago and mobile lovers are liking the  phone design and saying its best among big names of samsung, sony and apple. So, apple iphone 6 design should be attractive than the previous iphones.

Display :

Nokia Lumia 928 comes with display of 4.5 inches which has got 768 x 1280 megapixel screen. It also supports near about 332 PPI which is less than galaxy s4’s 441 PPI. Galaxy S4 has better display than lumia 928. It has got the 5 inch wide screen with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. As per rumors spread over internet, Apple iphone 6 display could be 4.8 inches which more than Lumia 928 and less than galaxy s4.
It will be interesting to see apple when it comes with the full HD resolution display as galaxy S4 has or even go beyond this. Hurraahhh…..!! Apple is planning big this time for apple lovers like me.

Storage :

Apple iphone 5 was launched with three different memory variant mobile phone i.e 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. It is speculated that Apple iphone 6 may launch with a bang of 128GB memory storage and it also will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models like iphone 5 was launched. Recently apple has launched 128GB ipad 4 which indicates that next apple iphone 6 can be unveiled with 128GB.

Lumia 928 has internal built-in memory of 1GB which can be extended to 32GB. There is no card slot for extending memory in nokia lumia where as galaxy s4 has card slot which is capable to increase the memory space from 16GB to 64GB. Hence apple is going to make an account over samsung and nokia by manufacturing iphone 6 of 128GB space. Again apple is on song to make heavy market business this year.

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Features :


Three big handsets with 3 different operating systems. Nokia Lumia 928 has microsoft windows phone 8 operating OS, galaxy S4 comes with updated android 4.2.2 OS and apple iphone 6 is expected to run on iOS 7. The advanced operating system from apple can be more handy than android and windows 8. Users of lumia 928 have already mentioned that if Nokia manufactures phones with android os and specs of lumia 928, there will be the ending of samsung and sony android phones. (Source:


Samsung galaxy S4 phone comes with Octa core processor whereas Nokia Lumia 928 comes Dual core 1.5 GHz processor. As most times apple next generation comes with new processor and this time also apple iphone 6 releases with A7 Quad-core processor.

Wireless Charging:-

Samsung galaxy s4 is already a wireless charging mobile. Apple iphone 6 and Nokia Lumia 928 will also support the wireless charging.


Nokia lumia 928 and Apple iphone 6 will be launched in two colors black and white. Galaxy s4 is already available in white and black colors.
Apple company can give you shock by introducing iphone 6 in multiple colors like lumia series have. Apple’s future iphones may arrive in blue, red, green and other colors which we have already discussed in our previous article.

Camera :

Nokia Lumia 928’s autofocus 8 MP primary camera comes with xenon flash and supports 1080P HD videos. Secondary cameras of lumia 928 is of 1.2 megapixels which supports 720P videos. Samsung galaxy s4 has 13 mega-pixel and 2 mega-pixel cameras as primary and secondary for use. It also records 1080P high definition video quality.

Apple iphone 6 camera is expected to be released with 13 MP rear camera and a front HD camera of 3.2 megapixels. Here iphone 6 could be better than Samsung and nokia phones by producing 3D effects.

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Release date :

Apple iphone 6 is speculated to be released next year in 2014 whereas galaxy s4 is already launched. Nokia Lumia 928 is also launched before few days.

Price :

I really laugh at people ask about the cost of phone that is not available in market. Apple iphone 6 price is expected to be around £529 for 32GB, £599 for 64Gb and 128GB will come with £699. Nokia Lumia 928 price is about 99$. Samsung galaxy S4 price is alsmost same as of iphone 5. Future apple iphone’s are cheaper in price.

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We have seen a brief description about the comparison among three recent smartphones from big mobile brands like apple, samsung and nokia. We find that apple iphone 6 features are advanced and better than galaxy s4 and lumia 928. Whole story will be cleared when the next generation iphone arrives in market. Till than stay tuned with us.



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