Apple iWatch Coming With ios Platform and Present iPhone Features





Luxury apple iPhone providing brand is planing to introduce new product apple iWatch in future.Apple future product plans include launching of new iPhone and iPad generation,next ios version.But in this list iWatch is something special for apple because this wrist watch may contain features of present iPhone and it will run on ios platform.

Apple iWatch manufacturing schemes:-

According to the previous day reports from New York times,apple has discussed about future iWatch design and development to its manufacturing partner Foxconn.Currently foxconn (also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry) is working on new technologies that can be used in the manufacturing of wearable devices.

New apple iWatch specifications:-

Upcoming iWatch would run on same patent ios which is used in current apple iPhones.Reports also mention that this new device would be made of curved glass.For making excitement in gadget world,Chinese site Tech.163 mentioned in its article that apple had ordered developers to develop iWatch with a 1.5 inch display screen.Reports also stated that bluetooth feature could take place in most awaited iWatch.

Features of apple iWatch:-

One of the key feature of this wrist iWatch is that mobile payments can be completed by using apple’s passbook payment software.In a report last month analyst Gene Munster (at Piper Jaffray),believes that new technology is coming day by day and that day is not far when we are able to do things like voice calls,texting,searches from a device which is worn on our body.

This kind of devices would be cheaper than the cost of apple iPhone and iPad.Just imagine for a while when a smartphone  becomes wearable smart watch or smart glass,human life can be off more easy and full with latest technologies.By using  these kind of devices you can feel more safe with the handling and maintenance of your luxury things.

Google also looking forward for these kind of technologies to implement for its devices.Google privately calls its developers and designers to develop such applications for smart glasses.Both big brands apple & Google are trying their best to simplify phone technology by developing watches and glasses.

The reports of iwatch development are spread world wide,but officially apple hasn’t given any comments regarding this.The official specifications and features of iwatch are not unveiled as security purpose.Only workers & developers on that project can explain perfectly.All new product specs are confidential to apple.

Lets hope apple will come with amazing new devices like iwatches or smart glasses and maintain its image in gadget and technology world.



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