Audi India Inaugurates 1st Audi Showroom in Orissa


Luxury audi opens 26th showroom in India at Bhubaneshwar and looking forward to inaugurate 8 more showrooms later this year in india. Audi India head Michael Perschke inaugurates 1st audi showroom in Orissa. Actress Lara Dutta joins this inaguration ceremoney along with managing director Devjyoti Patnaik at Bhubaneshwar.


The Audi Orissa showroom is spread in the area over 11,500 square feet, located at Utkal Signature. Luxury new audi showroom in india will provide all the facilities to the customers provided by the brand. A large variety of audi models and exclusive audi elements will be available in the audi showroom at Bhubaneshwar. Here customer can order desire audi product and purchase it.

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Audi service facility hasn’t started in Orissa showroom, but it is expected that within five months brand will provide service facility just behind the audi showroom location in Bhubaneshwar. It is also marked that the facility will have the capacity to serve 15 cars in a single day shift. The service facility providing area will be more than the area occupied by the orissa showroom. The area is about 14,500 Square feet.

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26 Audi dealers are available now in india across 24 cities. Various Audi showroom cities in india shown in the list alphabetically as shown.

S. No.

Audi Showroom Location (Alphabetically)

1. Ahemdabad
2. Bangalore
3. Bhopal
4. Bhubaneshwar
5. Chandigarh
6. Chennai
7. Cochin
8. Coimbatore,
9. Goa
10. Gurgaon
11. Hyderabad
12. Indore
13. Jaipur
14. Kanpur
15. Kolkata
16. Lucknow
17. Ludhiana
18. Mumbai
19. Navi Mumbai
20. Nagpur
21. New Delhi
22. Pune
23. Raipur
24. Surat

After inaugurating the Audi showroom in Bhubaneshwar, Audi india head Michael Perschke comments that opening new dealerships in india are helping us to grow more in the popular indian luxury car market. Here in Big cities luxury car fans and lovers are enjoying audi cars which provide them sporty models, simple stylish cars to suit their personality. He is also showing confident on newly opened showroom that it will help brand a lot to explore in Orissa.



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