Baisakhi 2015 – A Famous Festival


The favorable Baisakhi festival is enjoyed on very first day of month Vaisakh (April-May) as per to the Nanakshahi calendar. Therefore, the Baisakhi festival is even prevalently known as Vaisakhi. As per to the Gregorian calendar, the festival Baisakhi falls on 13th April every year and on 14th April once in the time of 36 years. This difference in date is because of the the fact that Baisakhi date is reckoned as per to the solar calendar of India and not according to lunar calendar.

A best Time for crop of Rabi harvest

Baisakhi marks the starting of the new spring year as well as the last time of harvest of rabi crop in the India. The famous festival is enjoyed with too much of enthusiasm in farming dominated state of Haryana and Punjab. Here, farmers say thank God for the plentiful harvest and implore for wealth in the approaching year. To have a good time the day, people get up early in the morning and take a dip in the sacred rivers. Afterward, cries of “Jatta aai Baisakhi” charge the skies because the Punjabi people attired in their greatest clothes break into the dance Bhangra to show their happiness.

Astrological meaning of Baisakhi Date

The Vaisakhi date has main astrological meaning because it marks the entry of sun into Mesh Rashi. A few people thus understand Baisakhi as Mesha Sankranti. The favorable date of Vaisakhi is enjoyed as ‘Naba Barsha’ in Bengal, ‘Rongali Bihu’ in Assam, ‘Pooram Vishu’ in Kerala, ‘Puthandu’ in Tamil Nadu and ‘Vaishakha’ in Bihar.

Meaning of Baisakhi Date in Sikhism

The Vaisakhi festival date has wonderful meaning in Sikhism. They make merry the festival as a communal birthday of the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh and the base of the Khalsa Panth in 1699. Sikhs from the whole world have fun the day with too much of joy and enthusiasm.

In 2015, Baisakhi date is 13-April-2015, in this day there are many sikhs who visit the temples, like the Amritsar’s Golden Temple, where the holy Granth is available, remembering the day on which the Guru requested five volunteers to give their lives, after that took them one at a time into a tent. this festival has lots of meaning in the hearts of Sikhs. So they enjoy this festival in full of their happiness. If you also want to enjoy this festival then don’t forget to take and eat “Prasaad”. A holy food, which is very tasty and I think you will never forget the taste.


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