Blackberry Z10 Features Remind Apple’s iPhone 5


New blackberry smartphone z10 is going to be launched in Dubai on 30 Jan.Special features of blackberry z10 enables it to compare with apple’s iphone 5 which was released in September last year.This new device of blackberry will come with new operating system.Hence new OS will definitely compare with other operating systems like android,IOS especially.


Some specifications and features of upcoming blackberry z10 phone are unveiled to a German site which reports that new blackberry z10 handset is a fully touchscreen mobile i.e almost similar to apple’s iphone 5.Though blackberry z10 hasn’t released,analysts predict that this new blackberry brand smartphone z10 will dominate the smartphone market more than apple iphone 5.The display screen of blackberry z10 looks too attractive like iphone 5 display.

Blackberry z10 comparison video to iphone 5 shows how Siri like voice control functionality is similar to the iphone 5’s Siri technology.Blackberry z10 size is slim also but a true fact that iphone 5 is the thinnest smartphone ever produced to the mobile market.Blackberry z10 display screen size is around 4.2 inches which is greater than display of 4.0 inch for iphone 5.Apple iphone 5 has limited connectivity options whereas blackberry z10 supports USB and HDMI connections.Blackberry z10 has removable battery of 1800mAh where iphone 5 doesn’t support removable battery,it has inbuilt battery(1440mAH) feature.


New hub feature is demonstrated for new blackberry z10 os which provides user a comfort and simply access option to check email accounts and messages.You can use this facility at any point of action in the Z10 phone whereas this option is not available in iphone5 at any point of action.According HawkZ media specs comparison for both devices report that internal storage memory for z10 is 16GB which can be extended to 32GB with the use of MicroSD card slot.This facility is not provided by apple brand in iphone 5.Apple iphone 5 is available with different memory sizes in three versions of 16GB,32GB and 64GB.Both handsets will work on their own brand operating systems i.e For z10 “blackberry os” and for iphone 5 “IOS 6″.



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