BMW Interesting Facts, History and Myths


It’s time to widen you’re your eyes! Yes as we all know, BMW- the name itself is so luxurious but only one forth of the world knows about the hilarious and funny truth with BMW. Let us reveal some known and unknown truth behind the name that easily dictates the standard of an entity. Let’s unlock the hidden funny truth behind this famed name.

Dream! Dream! Dream Car!

BMW was always a dream car for mass, a head turner automobile and at the same time a standard symbol too. It is too tough to name the series of high ranking cars.




So what about facts!

Here is a list of certain trivia, information and fun factor that will terrify you with exclusive fun. You could say it is going to enact as a brief essay that will reflect BMW history, BMW jokes, BMW facts and BMW trivia. These things cannot be said as something unique but yes it could be said as a shell of all the facts that could be snatched about BMW.

Rose cannot be rose without its name so as BMW!

Let me start with the name: the funniest part about the name of this car is its name. Very few people know that it is a laconic form that people use and the full name goes Bayerische Motoren Werke and if you translate it into English then the name goes Bavarian Motor Works. There are many in the world including me who was not aware that such name ever arises.

Nothing can substitute the unique Logo of BMW

You would have seen the Roundel logo on BMW but very few know that it reflects the spinning propeller of aircraft heritage of it. The color of the flag is totally inspired by the Bavaria flag. The mass part of the Logo is with white and blue fields. Most of you may not know that Bavaria is the name of a small state that is located in Germany and this is the place from where BMW has actually come from.

Killing stylish Look

1933 and 1934 had witnesses the birth of midsized saloon/sedar BMW 303.kidney grille, that stood as a company’s model hallmark in present time is actually the invention of BMW. The first six cylinder car of BMW was this one.

Series Tag

5-series was the first series of BMW and the car E12 came with series tag in the year 1972.

Suspense behind the letter E in the model code of BMW

You will get a series of development code with each generation rather than automobile platform like the normal manufacturers. The development code = Entwicklungsnummeren. So basically this E stands for Entwicklung. Then what could be the reason behind of their switching after F- code for their upcoming 7 series.

BMW Volkswagen-all time favorite

World is aware of the cold battle between BMW 700 and Volkswagen’s Beetle. BMW Volkswagen had a boxer engine with rear mounted engine, air cooled engine and rear wheel drive.

Only plans and no action may ruin the things

850i Convertible, E36 M3 Compact, E39 M5 Touring, and E34 M5 Convertible-why the manufactured prototypes of these carsnever came into life? The basic reason behind it is the strategy of the market. Basically they were never sent for production.

What is BMW Dixi?

BMW Dixi was the name that was allotted to the first car that was made by BMW. In the year 1928 BMW is known to buy the Automobile work Eisenach, followed by the right that they could only manufacture Dixi car. But later in the process the name Dixi was removed.

April fool Day-strange but yes great day for BMW Owners

It may sound funny but this day is quiet important to the builder of BMW as they use their marketing skills on this day. Different advertisements are given in the local esteem with high humor added with high intelligence. It is a combination of publicity and advertisement skill use by this company.

Final Verdict

Surely these information’s has nothing to do with the features that it provides but at the same time it states that such a big name has also some interesting bag of stories.

I am sure you are amazed with this news but I am sure you will be more amazed to learn Ford is related to air plane. How! Keep reading the next.



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