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You already know about freedom 251 mobile, a great rumor in India. The world’s first cheapest Smartphone. Only at 251 INR, but what happen? Just after 3-4 hours websites crash!!! There is no more option to book this Freedom 251 mobile? What is the actual reason behind this? No one knows expect manufacturers of this mobile and website. Apart from all this, phone’s specifications are good like a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 4-inch display, 8GB of storage (you can expand by up to 32GB) and 1GB of RAM, and runs Android 5.1. But, all in vein, if we can’t book this at start then how we can say it is good.

But not all the fault of mobile’s manufacturer, it can be a fault of website maker. I was also in queue of booking Freedom 251 mobile. In morning, I tried booking phone with decimal (.) and you can’t imagine it was accepting. Really funny!!! Thanks God, website is crash, otherwise mobile manufacturer have to find source to distribute mobile in decimals. Another official news comes in rumor that they are getting 6 lakh+ hitting per sec, it is showing how poor is there backend, because they are promoting this mobile in huge level and can’t manage a website to hold this much of traffic. Let’s see what will happen when Freedom 251 will be in my hand. I will try again to catch this, unfortunately missed today, because of 6 lack+ hits. Good Luck You Too!!


freedom 251 trool

Funny freedom 251 trool image

lazy india freedom 251 troolfreedom 251 and JNU trool


3G डेटा पैक: ₹300
3G फ़ोन: ₹251
लगता है कौनो फिरकी ले रहा है।


Buy freedom 251..
press 1..
Chal chaiya chaiya


किडनी बेचकर स्मार्ट फोन खरीदने के दिन गए, अब तो घर की रद्दी बेचकर ही स्मार्ट फोन आ जायेगा। अजी हाँ यही तो है अच्छे दिन


सुचना 251rs वाला फ़ोन खरीदने की कोशिश न करे airtel4G वाली लड़की ने सारे खरीद लिए है










All This pictures and Status Collected from Various Sources.
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