Latest Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Smartphone News

Latest Samsung Galaxy
Latest Samsung Galaxy

Latest samsung galaxy s3 mini smartphone is launched with a smallest form of samsung galaxy s3. According to the reports Samsung officially unveiled  this smartphone on thursday in Germany.The phone is expected to arrive in the market duringdownload  Christmas.Samsung galaxy s3 mini price is expected to be approx 400$ US.

This smartphone is based on latest features of  android os and newest platform of android jelly bean.Galaxy S3 mini has 4 inch of display screen along with 1 GHz dual core-processor.We have already seen samsung galaxy S3 preview in which display is of 4.8 inch,hence this samsung galaxy mini is getting popular in the name of shorter form of galaxy s3.The galaxy S3 has produced already a record sale profit of 7.3 US dollar for samsung brand.

The specifications of phone contain the 1GB RAM along with 8GB or 16GB ROM integrated in the system already.For making best mobile phone samsung provides better browsing speed of 3G and wi-fi.One microSD card slot is also built in the phone to give additional facility to add more memory storage.A 1500 mAh battery is used in this phone.5MP rear camera is also used in the handset.Samsung galaxy s3 has produced good sales for the brand.Hence so its mini version.Both samsung galaxy s3 and galaxy s3 mini were the main products for company to lead smartphone market in 2012 year.Galaxy s3 mini next generation phone galaxy s4 mini will release later to year 2013.Galaxy S4 mobile has been released globally on 14th march,now market is waiting for galaxy s4 mini launch news.



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