Launching of Latest iPhone 5S is Prior in List of New Apple Products


future+plans+of+apple+brand+for+ipads++iphonesUpcoming apple iPhone generation smartphone has got the first priority in launching of new apple products for 2013.This year apple is going to announce new products like apple iPhone 5S,cheapest iPhone mini,new 5th generation iPad,apple tv,new version of operating system i.e iOS 7 and much more.But in all above new iPhone is at the top in the list of products to be launched later this year.Apple also update iCloud after few months.

Apple is always an innovator of new technologies in the field of mobile and gadget market.It manufactures smartphones,iPads,tv and much more that usually suits to lifestyle of a person or a business man.Apple firm is known as luxury providing brand.Products of apple are always dedicated to higher class of society.This year apple is releasing iPhone mini to dominate smartphone market by reducing the price of its flagship phone.

There are some essential key products are going to be launched this year,lets find out some of them with their releasing news updates.

Apple iPhone 5S:-

Apple has been releasing new iPhone every year since it has arrived in market in 2007.So this year brand is coming up with new apple iPhone generation phone i.e iPhone 5S.Last year thinnest iPhone 5 has achieved new heights of success in mobile world.By inspired the achievements of iPhone 5,developers are developing new iPhone 5s with new features.

Features of iPhone 5S with release date:-

According to the latest iPhone news,new iPhone 5S may be announced in June month.Apple’s senior analyst declared updates regarding brand”s next generation iPhone.

New iPhone 5S is made of alloy plastic material in place of aluminium(used in previous iPhones).Cell will be releasing with the thickness of 8.2 mm and it can be accessed in six different colors.Launching of latest iphone 5s is decided to hit market in last week of june.Cheapest iphone will also release in the month of september.

Reports also suggest that iPhone 5S will launch with 13 megapixel camera which can provide better camera quality than the previous iPhone versions.New quick processor also introduced for the phone to access fast.Finger impression sensor is also demonstrated in home key for upgraded security.

5th generation iPad releasing:-

Like iPhone generation,apple announces new iPad generation every year since it has established.Luxury brand is launching its 5th generation of iPad later to this year.Company has launched fourth generation iPad before few months ago.This iPad has got good response from the users.According to the news apple will declare new iPad in summer vacations.Second generation iPad mini is coming too in the market later 2013 year.

Latest version of apple’s iOS:-

With the launching of new iPhone and iPads,apple is announcing next iOS version later this year.New mobile operating system iOS 7 is expected to compete other operating systems in the spring summer season.iOS 7 will provide better google map services along with the improved Siri functionality.There are many of questions in our mind regarding the latest version of iOS,but all the rumors and doubts will be ended up with the launch.


Apple’s television:-

There are lots of debates and controversies made regarding apple tv in recent passed years.Many of analysts have given their views and reports for launching of the tv.According new reports analysts have mentioned that apple will declare its television to this year 2013.Ceo Tim Cook is the biggest reliable source for apple tv news who believes that today’s televisions gives him memories of 1990’s television sets.

In an interview he mentions that television is the main area of intense interest for his company colleagues.He also adds that modern televisions can get more contribution from respective brands.Whatever his views in respect of tv,we all have to wait for the official news regarding this product.

Lets hope apple will produce fantastic new products this year and maintain its image in gadget world.



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