New Apple iPhone Generation Phone may Arrive in June


New apple iphone generation phone will be launching in the last week of june this year. Senior apple analyst Gene Munster claims that company is planning to introduce next generation iphone 5s with much better camera features and a faster processor. This apple iphone 5s may hit in the summer vacations this year.


Apple iphone 5s is the next generation iphone after apple iphone 5’s successful launch in the mobile world market. Gene Munster also mentions that Cheapest apple iphone for the brand first time may hit the market in September month. This new iphone 5s will come with new improved features in processor and camera. He adds that iphone 5s includes a much better camera resolution so that pictures can be captured with best quality in low light conditions.

To increase the processing speed of iphone 5s, new faster processor is used by the iphone developers. Apple brand has also launched a new software for the iphone’s hard drive. Munster is not sure about the NFC (near field communication) technology whether it will be used in the upcoming iphone 5s or not. This technology enables user to access mobile payment system. It is also suspected that in future apple iphones company is planning to build iphones with fingerprint reading technology. This new technology can be beneficial to use payment services via phone safely.

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It is believed that apple iphone 6 will launch with this latest technology. The senior analyst Gene also clears the doubt regarding cheaper version of apple iphone. He says that we are looking forward to release low cost iphone smartphone in the market. Launching of this cheap iphone can help brand a lot to lead smartphone market which is dominated by samsung.Cheap iphone will be launched in september month, according to Mr. Munster.Apple’ cheapest iphone price is likely to touch the 250$ mark. The price will attract more people towards the brand.

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This year apple will get increment in sale ratio than the previous year. Gene Munster mentions that 15% percent increment will there for the apple brand till the last date of june 2013. There will be around 4 million people in the world who will use iphone 5s by the end of that quarter.lets see what happens when apple launches new apple iphone generation phone 5s.

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New updates available on internet suggests that brand may announce its next apple iphone generation in few months. It may be apple iphone 6 or iphone 5S. Its really hard to predict which iphone generation will come first, but we have speculated that company will release apple iphone 5S. The main reason for us to say this is that history of apple iphones. Brand has released ‘S’ suffix name iphones just after the releasing of new iphone generation. For example, Apple iphone 3GS was launched just after iphone 3G, same with apple iphone 4 generation. So after releasing iphone 5 last year, apple may launch iphone 5s before apple iphone 6.


New iphones can be cheaper in price as we have mentioned earlier. We also believe that apple will come with extra features and camera qualities over galaxy s4 phones to lead mobile market this year. But it will not be easy for the brand because samsung is looking to release 4th variant of galaxy s4 i.e “Samsung galaxy s4 zoom” with more camera features and big screen. Let hope apple release the news about next iphone generation, fans are dying for upcoming iphone generation.



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