Next Samsung Galaxy S Series Smartphone Release Date Announced


Samsung brand has officially declared the release date of its next Samsung galaxy s series smartphone.The much awaited mobile phone Samsung galaxy S4 is going to be launched in New York city on 14th march 2013.


We have been getting tons of rumors regarding unveiling of upcoming galaxy S4 for four months.All the rumors regarding phone launching date are ended on Monday as brand itself announced the date for new Samsung flagship phone S4.Various reports on galaxy S4 are available on internet which suggests that this latest phone will help the brand to dominate smartphone market once again in successive years.Lots of mobile technology sites have been talking about the features and specs of galaxy s4 after 3 months of galaxy s3 released.

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Lets we quickly remind you the major functionalities and specifications of new samsung branded mobile phone.

One of the key feature of latest samsung galaxy s4 is that it is packed with wireless battery charger.Just imagine you don’t get irritation from the wire of phone charger while you are going on a tour and taking charger with you.

You will feel free.But for this you have to buy separately the wireless charger station kit.Display screen of this new smartphone is more than 4.8 inches of previous galaxy s series smartphone.It is believed that mobile will have around 4.99 inch screen which attracts more customers towards the brand.The present scenario in market about this phone is like Britney Spears or Shakira is going to entertain audience in a live show without any entry fees.People are desperate to buy this upcoming galaxy s series phone.

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13 megapixel camera is introduced in the phone to provide better picture capturing features.High definition quality videos can be taken from the handset.Memory of the new samsung device can be extend by using MicroSD card. upto 64 GB from in built 16 GB.With these amazing features and specifications the next galaxy s series phone is coming in market.It is believed by the analysts that this new samsung flagship phone will the key for brand to lead gadget world marketthis year.Latest s series mobile comes in two colors titanium gray and sapphire black.Exynos 5450 quad chipset is also used in the phone to make it more reliable and efficient to work on.

We have to wait for official details of phone till 14th of march.



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