Nowruz – The Persian National Festivals


happy nowruz 2015If talking about the Persian national festivals, then celebration of the New Year is at once the very important and the very much colorful. This Nowruz festival 2015 embodies prosperity of ancient customs and rites, and is just about one in Persia that is not restricted to the traditions of just one specific religious group. It represents that permanence of the antique Persian civilization that has survived several vicissitudes and adversities.

In unison with the renaissance of nature, Nowruz forever starts on the day first of spring marked by Tahvil or vernal equinox. On that particular day that may come on 20 – 21 or 22 March– the sun passed the celestial equator.

As some time back as reports go, Nowruz has been, either actually or by plan, a festivity of early season spring, at the time sun starts to regain power and defeat the cold of winter and darkness and at the time there is a regeneration of growth and energy in nature. People of Zoroastar were obviously animatists, that is, they detained a cognitive strength, mainly, in the whole things, intangible or tangible. Therefore, for them this come back of spring will have showed an annual triumph for the strength of the sun; and Zoroaster axiom in it also, it looks the sign of a still more wonderful win to come. It was the extraordinary hope that he provided their followers that the existing struggle between evil and good, on all physical, planes, spiritual and moral will complete in all success for the good.


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