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happy PongalPongal

Thai pongal is the festival of Tamil harvest. Thai Pongal is the festival of four day that according to Gregorian calendar is usually celebrated from 13th January to 16the January, but at times, it is also celebrated from 14th January to 17th January. It is also quite much corresponds to last day of Tamil month that is known as Maargazhi to 3rd day of Tamil month Thai. You can also check for pongal rangoli that can also be celebrated and can even be designed for making a wonderful event.

Wishing your family & friends!

  • There are different kinds of pongal greetingsthat are available online and that also offer pongal wishes in tamilas well. It is well said that pongal festival is basically the Thai festival that is most significant kind of the festival that is well celebrated by many Tamil people.
  • You can also download some of the pongal wishes imagesto wish their friends as well as family members in Tamil Nadu, that is Indian state as well as Union Territory of Puducherry, Sri Lanka, as well as even the Tamils worldwide, that also includes those in the country of Malaysia, Mauritius, USA, South Africa, USA, Canada, Singapore as well as UK. Thai Pongal usually corresponds to the festival of Makara Sankranthi, winter harvest and the festival is well celebrated all through India.

Why celebrating Pongal?

This day also marks the beginning of six-month-long journey of the sun northwards and at the same time, it even corresponds to Indic solstice while the sun also purportedly enters 10th house of Indian zodiac that is known as Makara or even known as Capricorn. Thai Pongal also is basically celebrated that convey the complete appreciation to Sun God for offering the energy that is used for agriculture. It is also the part of celebration that is known as boiling of first rice of season sacred to Sun – Surya Maangalyam.

Tradition for the festival

The origins of festival of Thai Pongal might also date to above than 1000 years. On the other hand, Epigraphic evidence also suggests celebration of Puthiyeedu during days of Medieval Chola Empire. Puthiyeedu is at the same time also believed to usually represent the starting harvest of year. Tamil people usually refer to Pongal being “Tamizhar Thirunaal,” that is festival of the Tamizhs. Thai Pongal that is even referred as Makara Sankranti is also referred in classic work of the Hindu astrology, Surya Siddhanta.

Special food on Festival

Apart from rice as well as milk the key or the main ingredients of pongal recipe in the dish basically include cardamom, raisins, jaggery, Green gram as well as cashew nuts. On the other hand, Cooking is perfectly done in the sunlight, generally in a porch as well as in the courtyard, as this dish is completely dedicated to Surya, the Sun god. This kind of cooking is also done in the clay pot which is also decorated with the coloured patterns known as kolam. Pongal also has two kinds of the variants, one is the sweet one as well as other one is the savoury. This dish is usually served on the banana leaves.



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