Samsung Leads Indian Smartphone Market Share, Apple Share Improves


IDC reports state that Samsung leads Indian smartphone market share in 4th quarter of year 2012.Luxury apple brand improves its position in the list and secured second position.


Samsung has been dominating largest Indian mobile market for many years.Through out 2012 Samsung dominance can be seen in the market where as many other phone brands like Apple,Sony,Nokia fight to achieve 2nd position.In second quarter of last year Nokia secured 2nd position with 19.9 percent market share over apple.Where as in Q4 apple beats Nokia and gets second position with 15.6% market share holdings.

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Apple improves a lot in quarter four to score 15.6 percent from 6.9 percent in Q2.Apple is still trying hard to catch Samsung Indian market share statistics.Research director of IDC Mr. Venu Reddy says that apple has done such a significant work to increase their status here in Indian market.This statement of Mr. Reddy is proved by a customer Akanshya Balram who said.”Suddenly everybody started to throw their Blackberry,Samsung,Nokia after getting changes in iPhone.”

One of the interesting fact that Apple’s iPhone is more expensive in India than U.S. and it takes almost one year to reach at the customer.In third quarter apple was at its worst position in India where the brand was failed to take place in top five mobile companies market share.Samsung lead that quarter with lion’s share of 46 percent.So,apple has done a fabulous come back in fourth quarter of last year to get 2nd position in Indian mobile market segment.

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Samsung will dominate Indian smartphone market share 2013 too according to the analysts report.Upcoming new Samsung flagship phone galaxy S4 is going to play vital role for the brand.Samsung galaxy S4 features can do the trick for company to lead mobile market.It will be interesting to see who will dominate Indian market this year because apple is also releasing cheapest iPhone ever in apple’s history of 5-6 years.

Of course those who want to feel the luxury,will go to buy apple iPhone,where as those who want to enjoy second wireless charging mobile in history of smartphone will prefer Samsung galaxy S4.Lets see what happens when Samsung releases their next galaxy s series phone on 14th march.According to the rumor news Samsung galaxy s4 will dominate Indian smartphone market share single handly for the brand.



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