Upcoming Ferrari Technology may Read the Human Mind State

Upcoming Ferrari Technology may Read the Human Mind State
Upcoming Ferrari Technology may Read the Human Mind State

Latest technology in luxurious Ferrari cars that may read the driver’s mental state.This car can adjust itself according to your mind or mood.Ferrari forum is trying its best to get this technology in work as early as possible,according to latest reports.The popular Italian supercar manufacturer wishes to install sucha system in cars to make driving more comfortable and easy for the driver.



The main aim of upcoming Ferrari technology is to minimize the chances of accident while driver’s mind is disturbed.A famous UK automaker states that drivers generally overestimate their driving skill or in miscalculation,does overtake wrong and many time this is due to their psychophysical condition.Reports also explains that Ferrari F1 cars has already discussed about this to the European application builders for designing sensors to read the human mind.

In this exciting new technology Ferrari asked developers to add special devices or sensors to measure driver’s respiration,heart beat rate as well as blood pressure.This luxury car may contain a camera to examine driver’s alertness and two other important devices are also used to record the conductivity of human’s skin and the surface temperature of driver’s skin.The technology will also include a manettino dial to give race-based control system to the driver for safety purpose.

Ferrari is trying to get patent for this technology.We hope that this upcoming ferrari technology will launch shortly and help drivers to drive the car according their mind and a safe drive.After launching the technology in car the accidents may not occur and everyone can take the joy of driving.It is also wished that other brands like ferrari can introduce this kind of new technology where driver’s mind state can be observed,so that chances of accident can be reduced.Recently ferrari brand is announced  as the most powerful company in the world.by introducing this technology ferrari will win again this title many more years.


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