Velammal Science Talent Exam 2011 Model Question Papers

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Greetings and good wishes from the organizers of Velammal’s State Level Science Talent Search Exam.

“Let the caterpillar within you emerge into a butterfly”.

Every facet of education undergoes changes. Change implies growth and progress.

It is imperative that every student should look ahead and keep himself / herself abreast with the changes to equip to the growing demands in the educational sphere. Mere academic excellence is not suffice for a holistic personality development; it requires a sharp cutting edge to boldly face the challenges of life.

One can never tire of learning new concepts, as it keeps our mind young. It is this concept of “in continual pursuit of knowledge” that resulted in the emergence of Velammal’s State Level Science Talent Search Exam in the year 2003. It has grown by leaps and bounds touching the lives of nearly 1,20,000 (one lakh twenty thousand) science lovers last year and bringing about a significant contribution to the growth of scientific literacy.

It has always been a delightful pursuit designing and organizing challenging programmes for inquisitive minds. To encompass students of all ages in their quest for excellence, a nominal fee of 30/- is charged. This highly acclaimed global programme offers cash awards worth 3.95 lakhs along with 5200 consolation prizes.

Treat all competitions as enviable opportunities to scale higher in the ladder and reach the pinnacle of success. For success has a simple formula – “Do your best and people will adore you”.;

With these words, I bid adieu, inviting you all to join forces with me to build an “incredible scientific India”.

1, Model Question Paper
2. Entry Form


The students of classes I to XII of all boards studying in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry are eligible to participate.
Level – I I & II Level – IV VII & VIII
Level – II III & IV Level – V IX & X
Level – III V & VI Level – VI XI & XII
Only Bonafide students of schools are eligible to take up the exam.
Interested Students can apply through the concerned school Principal / HM
Examination Centers:
1. The Head of the Institution ( H.M.) will be the Chief Co-ordinator for the Velammal’s State Level Science Talent Search Exam (Preliminary round).2. The participating school will be the venue for the preliminary round of the exam.

3. The question papers will be sent to the respective schools before 02.11.11(Wed). In case the question papers are not received on or before 2.11.11 by 4.00 pm. Please contact 044-65161966 / 26561166 or mail to

4. There is a fixed date for the preliminary examination (05.11.2011) and the school which violates this rule will be disqualified.

5. After conducting the exam, the coding sheets have to be evaluated by the concerned school with the help of the answer key provided with the question papers.

6. The seal on the packet containing the question paper bundle is to be strictly broken only in the presence of the Chief Coordinator or the Coordinator nominated by the Principal/HM.

7. The Coordinators are asked to use separate entry forms for each level for the purpose of registration. 30% of the amount paid can be retained by the school from the fee collection for evaluation and courier charges.

Materials to be received from the organizers for the preliminary round.» Question Papers

» Coding Sheets

» Answer Key

» Consolidated Mark Statement

» Covers for dispatching coding sheets and results

» Format of bonafide Certificate of the preliminary round winners.

Materials to be dispatched to the Organizers after the preliminary round:

» Bonafide Winner Certificate

» Winners’ Photographs.