Why Audi S6 Price in India is Expensive…


Friday is a day when new movie releases here in India and Audi brand decides this time to entertain sports car lovers with the launch of fabulous Audi S6. Top luxurious car maker Audi has launched luxury car Audi S6 at high class cost of near about 86 lakhs. This car is the sporty version of Audi A6 sedan model.


Audi S6 price seems to be expensive for Indian people. Brand has recently announced that from upcoming 15th of July, 2013 the cost of all audi models will be increased upto 4%. Hence we can expect that company will sell this new model around price of 89-90 lakhs from July 15. You can purchase this car from 26 Audi dealers here in India.

The hike in price of Audi car models is due to the weakness of Indian currency in front of Dollar and the luxury car import tax is also getting higher. Hence company enhances the product’s cost. Audi has already mentioned that A6 model price will be increased to 1.8 lakhs more than its current price. As S6 model is the luxury form of A6, we can expect that brand will increase Audi S6 price also.

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Audi brand is looking to dominate Indian luxury car market by releasing new models and opening new showrooms here in India. As we all know, just before one month ago company has inaugurated first audi showroom in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. It is expected that brand’s dealership will be in hands of 34 dealers in India by the end of this year.

Excellent features and specs of sporty Audi S6 :-

  • Car can travel 0-100 KM/hr in just 4.6 seconds.
  • Recently developed V-8 cylinder engine is used for high performance.
  • Gives option to drive on four cylinders.
  • Engine produces output of 420 BHP and peak torque of 550 Nm.
  • Luxury Audi S6 has got COD (Cylinder on demand) technology which is used to shut down the four cylinders from 8 automatically when there is no requirement.
  • For giving sporty feel, Audi engineers introduce 7 speed S tronic transmission and an adaptive sport air suspension.
  • MMI touch, Quattro all-wheel drive for stability purpose is used in the car.
  • Audi S6 comes with high class technology that can make user comfortable and secure in the car. It also comes with luxury and best speed combination to enhance the model’s reputation.
  • To compensate noise interference of cabin and engine, “Active Noise Cancellation” Feature is used.



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